2015 Price List



  Checks and cash are accepted - No credit cards please

Monterey Pine
 Douglas Fir $64.95*

 Noble Fir & Nordman Fir
$69.95* - $74.95*

 *Tax not included in price.  Price for any size trees.

Tree Farm is open Nov. 25, 2016

(Information updated 9/21/16)

Douglas-fir: The additional rain this year has really helped the Douglas-fir growing in the fields, giving them good color and growth.  We have finished shearing (shaping) the trees and they are the best quality that we've seen in years.  All the fields have a good selection of Douglas-fir in the 6'-8' range.  There are a few that are 9', but they will probably be snatched up the first weekend we open.

Pre-cut Trees: There is good news and bad news about precut trees.  The bad news is that there is a shortage of precut Noble fir coming into California from Oregon this year.  The good news is that we will be getting a shipment of beautiful Nordman fir trees in time for the first weekend of sales. These trees are similar to Noble fir but have a brighter green color with a shinny needle.  They are just as fragrant as Noble firs and stay just as fresh if they are kept in a waterstand at home. We will be getting some pre-cut Noble fir coming in for the second weekend of sales.  All pre-cut trees will be 6'-9' tall and will be kept in water at the tree farm.

Monterey pine: Unfortunately we only have a few Monterey pines available with heights of 5'-7'.  We've been planting more Monterey pines in the past few years, but they're still a year away from being large trees.

Redwoods & Cedars: The selection of tall Redwoods and Cedars is limited again this year. We have a few 8'-9' Redwoods, but we will probably be down to a 6'-8' tree after the first weekend of sales. We have a nice crop of Cedars, but they will not be ready for cutting until the 2017 season.

Open: Nov. 25, Friday, Sat., & Sun. 9 - 5

Closed: Monday - Thursday

The last day of sales this year will be Dec. 18

 (510) 889-1992

email: cvtreefarm@gmail.com